It feels good to belong

A Poem

by Katie Morris

150 years, five generations, one family

history matters.

The old, the honoured, the past

influence our young, our generation and our future.

The impact it's made on our people, our places, our journey

our reason to be grateful for what’s gone before.

To be proud.

And it all began with a candle.

A spark that ignited something bigger

that would light up our name across the world.

The family name, of family men

dedicated to a Family Business.

All wrapped up in a sense of place

Of being rooted, part of something


For us

that hasn’t changed.

Standing for what it’s always stood for

and no matter who walks these floors, who bears our emblem

who carries this company on their shoulders

we are all family.

Using knowledge, enterprise, endeavour

to build, create and innovate

taking us forward to new horizons.

Building Teams

who built properties and places

to live

to work

to play

and for later on.

For us

it was never just one thing, but it was always the right thing

at the right time.

From butchers, and bakers and candle makers

through World Wars and changing times

through all 150 years,

from 1869 to 2019

one thing has stayed the same.

Rock solid.



Intrinsic to what makes us US

Our Values… Family values

It feels good to belong.

Read by Wayne Swann, Actor and Voice Over Artist



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It feels good to belong

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