Meet Rhea Paller – Head of Care and Innovation at Morris Care

Rhea Paller started with Morris Care in 2014 under our overseas nurses programme and began working with us at our Home in Oldbury Grange – somewhere she still holds close to her heart. Since those early days, Rhea has quickly moved up the career ladder becoming a Registered Nurse, a Team Leader and seamlessly into home management for Stretton Hall and Oldbury Grange where she had begun her career.

With her considerable experience, skills and talent, Rhea was subsequently handpicked for the brand new role of Clinical Governance and Innovations Manager in 2019 which has today evolved into current title Head of Care and Innovations.

Rhea leads and influences Morris Care’s clinical services, interrogating practices to find any new and improved approaches and driving the quality of care we deliver in the homes, with active support from the Head of Operations and guidance from CEO Lucy Holl.

Rhea is fascinated by the many innovations coming to market in support of the care sector:

“There are so many wonderful ideas designed to help us care for residents in new ways and we have a raft of new concepts we’ve introduced to support wellbeing and, in many instances, bring a smile and notes of real happiness to those living with us in our Homes.

Innovation helping day to day life

Clever ideas have included the Paro Seal, a robotic, soft and responsive seal which residents have taken to their hearts, enjoying the tactile touch and feel of the furry animal.  “The positive interaction and happiness the seal’s movements generate is so touching to see” Rhea comments.  “Similarly, Thomas the robotic cat is also a favourite as he moves and purrs when stroked and patted.”

Rhea is also looking at specialist products designed for those living with dementia and is currently trialling a new Portable Magic Table which has been enthusiastically received. The magic table uses light projection technology and is designed to engage and delight.

The technology itself is a small light projector that attaches to a portable stand with interactive games software already embedded which respond to hand and arm movements, helping to increase stimulation and reduce negative emotions.

“Another brilliant invention we are using is the Droplet Hydrator which helps those who need additional support or encouragement to stay hydrated” Rhea explains. The lightweight and easy to hold mug fits onto a smart base which allows you to track how frequently you drink.  If you forget, Droplet reminds you to hydrate with its lights which act as an instant visual reminder, as well as a voice reminder where loved ones can record a friendly message to remember to take a sip.  At night time, a handy night light provides a soft glow for ease of location and the light and voice reminders deactivate for an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

In her role, Rhea is also leading the professional development programme looking at innovative ways to support and upskill staff. Investment into a new digital interactive training and reporting system for example, allows up to the minute refresher training based on current guidance and regulations.

“This is learner-led, an intuitive platform which encourages staff self-development.  It can be accessed from home providing more flexibility for our teams whilst enabling a look into competency as they answer questions along the way in order to proceed.  So, it is a great management tool as well as a training tool” Rhea added.

These are just some examples of how embracing new technologies, inventions and practices are ensuring that Morris Care stays at the forefront of modern care.

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Meet Rhea Paller – Head of Care and Innovation at Morris Care

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