Corporate Social Responsibility

It’s our ambition to be good corporate citizens. To be the most socially responsive and ethically considerate organisation we can be.  

We encourage staff to get involved with our social calendar. We work hard so it’s equally important to relax and take time out together.

We bring the same approach to our corporate social responsibility, considering our impact in the workplace, the local communities we serve and the environment at large.

It’s not just about policies and governance, we devised our own goals through our own CSR policy which focuses on three P’s which have become something of a mantra: People, Participation and Planet.

Through canvassing our staff we found out what matters to them and that in turn has helped us develop projects which genuinely inspire involvement and that collective sense of making a contribution. 

We are proud to have an active CSR group which comprises colleagues from across our diverse business group and they in turn canvass their colleagues so we are genuinely inclusive.  From creating our own Stepping Stone work placement programme to supporting local charitable and community projects. And it’s not just about the finances, some of the most rewarding things we do are just ensuring the business allows for individuals to give time. 

CSR Policy 2022-2023

CSR Chart 2021-2022

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