Business gives helping hand to Shrewsbury Street Pastors

With our community-minded hats on and showing our support and admiration for the work of the Shrewsbury Street Pastors, Robin Morris presented Director of Operations, Steve Jones, with a cheque for £1,800 today.

The donation will sponsor radios which the Volunteers use to co-ordinate their activities to aid vulnerable people in need of help in the town centre at night on weekends.

Robin commented: “With our long-standing ties to the town we really wanted to show our appreciation to the Street Pastors in this our 150th year.

"Some of our colleagues have been out with the Volunteers to see the valued work they do and the difference they make. Communication is vital and it seemed a genuinely essential part of their service which we could assist with through funding the radios.”

The Street Pastors work with partners in the night-time economy to make communities safer. They help people get home safely, put them back in touch with their friends and provide items like space blankets to keep warm, water to re-hydrate, lollipops to comfort, or flip flops if they can no longer walk in high heels.

Steve Jones from Shrewsbury Street Pastors, said: “We are really grateful for this generous donation from such a long-standing business within our town.  It is essential our Volunteers are linked by radio all through the night to support our work in caring for, listening to and helping vulnerable people.”

The donation is one of a number of activities we are involved with in our celebratory 150th year including working with a local artist to create a commemorative sculpture, funding worthy student, Paige Eades, for a full three year degree course at University Centre Shrewsbury, staging an awards event for its company ‘stars’ and opening up and sharing its Archives with the town, curating an exhibition at Shrewsbury’s Museum and Art Gallery.

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Business gives helping hand to Shrewsbury Street Pastors

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